10 things we now know about Covid-19 by Prof Luke O'Neill

Professor Luke O'NeilI is noted as giving clear advice and these 10 things are summarised below.

Professor Luke O'NeilI Immunologist and founder of the TCD Biomedical Institute says people need to continue adhering to public health guidelines to keep Covid-19 suppressed.

Here's 10 things he thinks you should know now about Covid-19:

1. Avoid the 'Three C's' in order to minimise the risk of catching the virus

  • Closed spaces

  • Close contact

  • Crowds. 

2. Stay outdoors By being outdoors, you decrease your risk of getting the virus by 19 fold.

3. Believe that you have the virus but have no symptoms. 

4. Wear a mask when you can't maintain a 2 metre distance. Wearing a mask decreases your risk of spreading or catching the virus by 99%. 

Wash your hands, go into the supermarket, do your shopping, leave the supermarket, take your mask off and wash your hands. You do not need to wear a mask outdoors. 

* Children are not advised to wear masks, but if two from different households are in an enclosed space together, then wearing a mask should decrease the risk. 

5. Travel.