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Across the world, face masks are becoming mandatory. Why not in Ireland?

In my opinion, the Chief Medical Officer Tony Holohan is doing a good job however I am really surprised why we have to wait 2 weeks on guidance regarding wearing face masks as part of efforts to tackle coronavirus in Ireland. 

We all know in our hearts and minds we need to wear masks. The European Centre for Disease Control and the World Health Organisation have both advised that public wearing of face coverings may reduce spread of infection by the wearer on the basis of increasing evidence that infected persons with mild or no symptoms can contribute to the spread of Covid-19.Three months on, over 30 countries, including our neighbours Germany, who have mandated face coverings outdoors for the public. The Irish government needs to inform and educate the public on the evidence that masks such as the KN95 (FFP2) and other approved surgical masks such as the (IIR) are required. The scientific research to date suggests approved masks are protecting other people from you rather than protecting you from other people. In the context of this pandemic on our small Island, stopping the infection in both directions can be equally important in preventing a communicable disease from spreading.

Why is this important decision getting delayed ? Can someone tell me, I would love to know your opinion here at ?

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