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Highest number of C-19 cases in a month indicates spread in the community, immunology expert warns

A professor of experimental immunology has urged caution following yesterday's reporting of the highest number of new Covid-19 cases in a month in the Republic.

Kingston Mills of Trinity College Dublin said the rising number of cases indicated some spread in the community.

He said measures to control the situation could be better pinpointed once a breakdown of the new cases was made available:

“We haven’t heard whether many of them travelled, but in the previous couple of weeks there were a number of cases associated with travel so that’s a big one worry.”

“The other worry would be the relaxing of the measures, in particular in relation to the pubs and bars where clearly there’s been a lot of activity in the last few weeks which hadn’t been there before.”

Prof Mills urged caution before any move to declare the jump in cases the beginning of a second wave within the community.

“I don’t think you can look at one day in isolation, I think by and large the trend has been downwards, you know around ten, twenty cases per day, so this is slightly greater than that but I think you have to wait for a few days to see.”

“Very often earlier in the week there are accumulated cases that have come over the weekend that haven’t been reported, so it may be that there are such residual cases from the weekend.”

While the case total in the State reached 25,670 today, no new deaths were reported.

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