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Medical grade face masks compulsory ?

A number of European countries have announced new mask recommendations and requirements, pushing aside fabric masks in favour of surgical masks or medical-grade respirators.

In Germany, the federal and state governments introduced measures last week making medical masks identified as surgical masks or KN95 or FFP2 masks mandatory in stores and on public transit. It also issued a recommendation that medical masks be worn whenever there is close or prolonged contact with other people, particularly in enclosed spaces. Austria put similar rules into effect, now requiring FFP2 masks or the equivalent in settings including transit, carpooling, businesses open to the public and indoor and outdoor markets. To ensure wide adoption of the new regulations, Austria said it would distribute 1.2 million free masks. France's High Council for Public Health announced last Thursday that it is now recommending people to wear surgical masks in public, on the basis that they offer better protection than fabric masks.

Will Ireland follow the lead ? Our team at would like to know your opinion.

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